Strata Management Townsville

Kingsberry Consolidated also provides market leading Body Corporate and Strata Management services, including;

  • Body Corporate Management of existing developments
  • Consultancy services in the establishment of new developments
  • Consultancy and review services
  • Dispute resolution
A Strata Management

Body Corporate Management

Body corporate management is a general term for the actual management of your strata – mainly involving the day-to-day operation of the property, alongside setting meetings and budgets.

Harcourts Kingsberry can serve as your body corporate manager to look after your property in a way that reflects your own personal interests, including building maintenance, giving advice on assets, and various other logistical needs.

While body corporate managers often tend to a property’s logistical or financial requirements, control remains entirely with the owner. You want to make sure that your manager can adequately represent your interests, so you can focus on other important matters, such as increasing your property portfolio. We always offer a hassle-free body corporate management service for our clients.

Consultancy For New Developments

We can consult with you on the construction of new developments and use our experience within the industry to inform the advice we give.

As part of this, we may advise you on how to adequately set up a strata property, as this might be your first time owning a stratum; it helps to understand your rights as the development’s owner.

Our consultancy also allows you to figure out the benefits of having a stratum; you may not be sure if this model is right for you, and we’re always happy to help. We hope to fully educate you about how to own and use your strata to get the most out of it and use our diverse industry experience to provide actionable advice.

Review Services

We can assess already-completed strata, especially those we already manage, to understand any issues that are present, alongside potential room for improvement; our goal is always to make sure that you have the best strata possible.

As part of our continuous review process, we investigate the market in-depth to make sure our approach is one that fits the market and its requirements.

Communication is at the core of Harcourts Kingsberry’s strata management service, and we’ll always keep you updated on any issues or developments relating to your properties. We understand the local market – and use this to inform our comprehensive strata review service.

With us at your side, you can be certain that we’ll take care of long-term logistical and practical maintenance.

Dispute Resolution

It’s entirely possible that disputes might arise in terms of ownership, especially with a complex strata model. If this happens, it’s important that you have someone on your side to support you, and manage the dispute.

This might be due to renovations, pets, noise, smoking, damages, or other forms of general building conflict. When this affects your strata, you need a good strata lawyer.

We’re happy to walk you through the intricacies of strata law and hope to mediate these disputes before they escalate further. With ownership neatly divided into many spaces within the strata, this might make it difficult to assess responsibility.

Harcourts Kingsberry’s strata management professionals hope to facilitate a strong resolution through open dialogue, allowing us to reach a fair outcome that satisfies every relevant party.