At Kingsberry Harcourts, we don’t really love winning awards in quite the same way as large parts of our industry seem to.  We tend to focus more on the satisfaction of delivering to our clients a fantastic experience as often as we’re able to (all of the time, we hope!).  We’ve based this belief around the fact that winning awards in Real Estate can be a little bit like getting a participation award at the year 5 cross country – everybody gets a prize!

In saying that, we do take great pride in what we do, and we certainly do enjoy it still when our people get recognised for a job well done. Therefore, when we were announced as finalists again this year in the REIQ Awards for Excellence 2021 we were a bit excited.  As Queensland’s most respected and long running real estate institute, the REIQ represents everything we strive for in our business, as a highly ethical and forward-thinking organisation.

We believe that the fact the REIQ is a fiercely independent body not having ties to any particular franchise group or business, and that to compete in these categories we were competing against the entire Queensland market of real estate businesses, being recognised in either category represents recognition that what as much as possible, we are living up to the high expectations our people set for themselves in all areas of our business.

We thank the REIQ for their constant service to our industry, and we are excited by the chance to put our best foot forward once again in 2022.