The Kingsberry Philosophy


We believe that what we do in business matters little if we lose sight of why we are doing it in the first place, or the people we are doing it for. At Kingsberry Consolidated, we understand that the success of our people results in success for our businesses.

By fostering a supportive and progressive environment focused on the advancement of individuals, we are able to ensure that the experience of our clients is second to none, and that the respect, honesty and results we deliver in all areas of our business provides meaningful contribution to the lives of those around us.


We are respected in our marketplace as an agency with unwavering integrity, who can be trusted to deliver on their commitments to all those they interact with.


We are a positive influence, and enrich the lives of those around us through honesty, respect and professionalism.


Respect for yourself and others.

Whether it’s a client, a colleague or a member of the public, we respect all of those around us and have an understanding that everybody’s story is different, and that the impact of our actions today must be positive.

Honesty without limitation.

We are always honest, without hesitation or limitation, regardless of the consequences.

Be Trustful.

Integrity is at the base of all we do. We provide trustful guidance to those we interact with, and have integrity of character at all times.

Be Bold. Be Brave.

Respect for those around us can be testing, and delivering honesty at all times can be confronting. We understand others, and give the advice that is difficult but necessary, resisting the temptation to be mediocre. Be Bold. Be Brave.